How do I sign up to a Slay Challenge?
Select one of our challenges on www.slaychallenge.com  by clicking the 'BUY NOW" button and follow the instructions to set up and account and download the Trainerize app

I've paid, now what?
You will receive an email (check junk/spam) that will prompt you to download the Trainerize app, from the app you can access your dashboard, record your stats and browse workouts.

How do I access the workouts, is it an app?
Yes, our Slay Challenge is currently powered by the Trainerize app.

I just purchased but I don't see my workouts?
Don't worry. The workouts will automatically appear on your account when the challenge starts. 

Will I still have access to the workouts after 21 days?
No, the workouts will automatically be removed from your account 5 days after your challenge ends, this is usually a Friday. 

The app is not working what should I do?
Delete and re-install the app, your information will still be there.

I haven't exercised in a while, where should I start?
Start at Stage 1. This is perfect for beginners or those returning to training from a rest or injury. 

How can I connect with my trainer?
You will have a direct line to your trainer via direct message. We also host a face to face group mid-month check in via zoom (maximum 100 guests), so look out the link in your group chats. You will have the chance to check in and ask any questions. 

Will there be a nutritional plan?
There will be a nutritional guide which you should read carefully. There are suggestions as to what a weekly meal planner should look like.

I'm Vegan or have other dietary requirements, will the nutritional plan cater to me?
The nutritional guide focuses on food groups proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc which will teach you what portion sizes to consume to achieve best results and to support your training.

I don't live in the US can I still access the workouts? 
Yes, the workouts are On Demand. Simply sign up to your preferred stage via our website and access our workouts wherever you are in the world, whenever you want. The workouts are not live. 

Can I access my workouts via my computer instead of the app?
Yes, the workouts are available via desktop computers. Simply click here and enter the same login details that you used to register with in the app. https://slaychallenge.trainerize.com./app/logon.aspx 

Any problems, email us at info@slaychallenge.com